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About Avarae

Avarae was registered and incorporated in the Isle of Man, trading on AIM on 24 May 2006. In October, 2016 Avarae's Shareholders voted for Avarae to cancel its admission to AIM and so, on 25 October 2016, Avarae's shares ceased to be traded on AIM.


In conjunction with the de-listing, Avarae undertook its first buy-back, via a tender offer, whereby it acquired approximately 9.0 million shares for cancellation, returning £1.04 million of cash to shareholders. The Company has subsequently carried out two further buy backs via tender offers, acquiring an aggregate of approxiately 21.3 million shares for cancellation, returning a further approximate £2.9 million to shareholders. As at 14 December 2017, the company had 50,384,878 shares in issue. The company expects to undertake further buy-backs in due course in order to return further cash to Shareholders.


Information for shareholders


Please be aware that the Company is only able to communicate with its registered shareholders, i.e. only those whose names appear on the company's share register.

Broker/nominee account holders

If you hold shares through a nominee/broker account which is not in your name (as is likely with most broker/nominee services), you will not receive communications from the Company (for example about future buybacks or any other matter) as these will be directed to the registered shareholder. If you wish to receive shareholder communications, please contact your broker/nominee account provider and instruct them accordingly. Alternatively, you may request that your shares to be transferred from your broker/nominee into certificated form in your own name. You will then be the registered holder and entitled to receive shareholder communications from the Company.

Buying and selling shares in Avarae

As the Company's shares are no longer publicly traded, there is no market facility for buying and selling shares in Avarae. If you do wish to sell or buy shares in Avarae but have not secured a buyer/seller, please contact the Company via the website at Share transfers of uncertificated shares can still be effected through CREST (please contact your broker) or, for certificated shares, by submitting a duly completed, signed and (if necessary) stamped stock transfer form and your share certificate (or suitable indemnity) to the Registrar (see the Advisers section for contact details).




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